The objects of our intervention are all works of art painted on canvas, wood and paper (papier peint, large format, etc.), polychrome wood (frames, sculptures, coffered ceilings, altars, etc.) and murals.

Years of experience, gained day after day by handling works of all periods - from the public property, from private collectors and the antique market - guarantee careful interventions, carried out with professionalism and characterized by the utmost respect for the artwork, its materiality and its history.

We deal with all the specific steps needed for the restoration of the artifact such as the consolidation of the base and layers of paint, biocide treatments, the removal of surface deposits or damaged paint and pictorial reconstruction, functional recovery of support media such as canvas and paper (total or strip lining), the restoration of the structure and colour of the paint layers through illusionist touch-ups or stippling, the final protective treatment and any other interventions required by the condition of each item.

In addition to direct interventions on the artifact, we take care of the preliminary stages of chemical and physical diagnosis (which we entrust to well-qualified and specialized laboratories) that are necessary to know the characteristics of the object and obtain reliable information on the materials used, techniques, author and any previous conservation work. We at Eandi Studio are able to tackle the various stages of the preservation of artworks, from the planning of collections care to the drawing up of specifications for tenders, from the project for the restoration to site engineering and the organization of the various phases of intervention. At the end of the work we provide written treatment reports that detail methods and materials utilized accompanied by photographic images, of various kinds, which are necessary to document an important moment in the life of the artifact.

At the client’s request, we are able to periodically monitor the condition of the work of art to check the success of the restorations, the emergence of any new independent issues, and to plan and implement programmes for routine maintenance.

We work on :

paintings on canvas, wood and paper (oil - tempera - water-color - acrylic), prints (etchings - lithographs - billboards), painted paper, wood carvings, wooden frames, wall paintings, oriental art, murals, polychrome and gilt wooden artifacts (coffered ceilings - altars - choir stalls), large formats made with different techniques (wallpaper - theatrical sets - fresco cartoons)

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