As second generation in the family working in this sector, we combine the specific skills acquired individually for over thirty years by the partners Mauro and Fulvio, continuing to deal with the conservation and restoration of works of art from every period - from the public property, from private collectors and from the antique market.

The objects of our intervention are all works of art painted on canvas, wood and paper (papier peint, large format, etc.), polychrome wood (frames, sculptures, coffered ceilings, altars, etc.) and murals.

The use of high quality products and materials that ensure complete reversibility distinguishes our work.

The rigorous choice of using traditional techniques and products - alternately with up to date procedures and materials according to the requirements of the work - enables us to achieve results that assure high professionalism and durability, which we reach also through participation in workshops, training courses and conferences organized by leading international institutions, as well as consulting specialized literature.

We have chosen to rely on specialized laboratories for the scientific diagnostic work necessary for the analysis of the artifact and for the control of the different stages of the restoration, and to concentrate on the executive aspect of the interventions, as we are well aware of the peculiar craftsmanship, combined with a love for the work of art, which is the hallmark of this activity.

If necessary, we can count on the collaboration of highly qualified personnel in the various steps of restoration.

In addition to direct activity on the restoration of artworks, on several occasions we have worked as tutors for training or refresher courses promoted by various public institutions.

Since 2001 we have held the certificate of Excellence in Craftsmanship - wood restoration industry - awarded by the Region of Piedmont.


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